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I've some actions redirecting back or to another location within my site that I pass with a parameter from the original page.

In my application_controller.rb I have this method, that I use in other controllers to get and process the param return_to

def redirect_to_return_to_or_default(default)
  if params[:return_to].present?
    redirect_to params[:return_to]

  redirect_to default


Reading the Security Guide I see this can be used in phishing attacks, so I'd like to secure it, probably by filtering return_to to redirect only to URLs within my domain.

Am I missing something? Any ideas on how to perform this in a simple and elegant way?

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I've added the following as a private method in my ApplicationController

  def redirect_to_param(token)
    unless token.blank?
      parsed_token = URI.parse(token)
      res = ""
      res << parsed_token.path
      unless parsed_token.query.blank?
        res << "?"
        res << parsed_token.query
      return res

And then wherever I want to redirect to a user provided parameter, I say something like

redirect_to redirect_to_param(params[:redirect])

Would love feedback on how others are doing this as well.

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