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I am writing an application that will basically allow the user to schedule software downloads (via either http/svn/ftp/mercurial/etc) at certain times per day, to various directories, etc.

I would like to display each "download process" they have scheduled in some type of graph, but as I am new to using the Data controls, I would like some feedback on this.

My initial thought is to use SQLite for data storage, and the DataGridView control. Would this be simple enough, or would there be a better way to achieve this?

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The DataGridView is the most straightforward approach, especially for a developer new to data controls.

My personal preference for your solution would be to utilize the ListView control and create a form similar to what you see in the the Windows Task Scheduler.

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Thank you very much. I opted to go ahead and go with SQLite Database and DataGridView and its working excellent :) –  Brett Powell Jan 8 '12 at 1:57

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