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Without going to game view. Is this even possible?

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Actually, it's GameObject Menu->Align View To Selected.

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I think I know of a solution for you. . .

In Unity:

  • Select the Camera (GameObject) that you would like to look through while in the Scene view.
  • Then go to the "GameObject" Menu and select "Align View to Selected."

I hope this helps.

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Assuming you have Unity Pro (which makes render textures available), constructing a quick editor script to handle this should not be too difficult.

Edit: Figured it'd be handy to have anyway: http://www.unifycommunity.com/wiki/index.php?title=CameraViewer

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I think what he's describing is the ability to have the "Scene" window be from camera and therefore have it that changes to perspective using the alt key could be automatically adjusting the keys. Is that correct?

In other words, the ability to animate the camera from the scene window with the camera as your view by using alt to drive value changes. That would be helpful.

3D programs like Maya and Max let you select the camera as your view and by having the camera selected and autokey on will adjust the key values based on changes you're making in your viewport.

But bowditch's suggestion is the next best thing. Change the scene view window to what you want, then select the camera object and in the GameObject pulldown select "Align with View" and the camera will snap to that. Then set a key on the camera object.

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Why not drag your gameview below or above your sceneview. That way you can see both windows. I always work that way ;)

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Click on your camera object from hierarchy and click on GameObject->Align View to Selected.

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You can select the camera in the hierarchy and then click on the rotation button , after that you can change camera directions in the x,y,z planes and see the camera align in a small sqaure in the scene view , Therefore no need for game view

Hope that helps

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Go to hierarchy bar in Unity Editor

  • Press F Key
  • Double click on object/ main camera

To view objects in different angels you can externally apply rotation, transformation (move) in any of x,y,z and for more details or less details you can zoom in-out with ease of mouse clicks.

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