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Using Winsock2 the code sequence below returns -1 (failure) for select().

#include <Winsock2.h>
#include <stdio.h>


int rc;
int fdstdin = fileno(stdin); /* returns 0 as expected */
fd_set fds;

FD_SET(fdstdin, &fds);

rc = select(1, &fds, NULL, NULL, NULL);


Is this the expected behaviour when using Winsock2 or am I missing something?

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This is expected behavior. As mentioned all over the documentation, winsock's select function only works on sockets, and stdin is not a socket.

If you had called WSAGetLastError, you undoubtedly would have found that the cause was

WSAENOTSOCK One of the descriptor sets contains an entry that is not a socket.

Try WSAEventSelect and WaitForMultipleObjectsEx; the latter can also wait on normal file handles as well as OVERLAPPED event objects from outstanding read operations on normal file handles.

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I did call WSAGetLastError() and from it's result I had a presentiment I'm on the wrong path. So thanks for acknowleding this. – alk Jan 7 '12 at 23:14

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