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I have the following code which counts the number of records in my JB_Employer table, but I also want to add the total number of records from a second (and possibly third) table to this.

SELECT COUNT( * ) AS 'Number of employees'
FROM JB_Employer
WHERE Employer_ID >0

Also if anyone can advise me how to put this in to PHP I would appreciate it, having a little trouble figuring it out.


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possible duplicate of How to count rows from multiple tables MySQL –  Juhana Jan 7 '12 at 23:17

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SELECT count(*) from table1
) as `table1_count`, (
SELECT count(*) from table2
) as `table2_count`

if you want to add them up

SELECT count(*) from table1
) + (
SELECT count(*) from table2
) as `total_count`
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