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hallo I want to play wav file in my WPF application when app detects disconnect from network. I am using MVVM pattern and PRISM. What I want to achieve is when my Viewmodel receives Event published by EventAggregator it sets some property to bool. I want to e able to listen to this property change from XAML and play sound based on its value

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You might try to use System.Media Namespace SoundPlayer or MediaPlayer to play sounds based on Event Trigger in View Model


readonly SoundPlayer _alertBeep = new SoundPlayer("FilePath");
private MediaPlayer _laserBeep = new MediaPlayer("FilePath");

SoundPlayer has option to only play / stop. But MediaPlayer is extended to have more controlling options.

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You could make a converter that passes on the value as is and plays a sound with a MediaPlayer. That way, you could attach it to a specific binding instead of the view model.

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