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We have a .NET application that runs on Windows Azure and uses NHibernate to connect to a SQL Azure database. Sometimes it's necessary to add retry logic to handle transient failures in SQL Azure as described for example here -


Can someone point me to a way in doing this with NHibernate? Ideally I'd like to do this at the NHibernate level and not wrap every single call; I was able to do this for another ORM, .netTiers (http://nettiers.com) as I outline here -


I did search and found some answers that mention using a custom implementation of the IDbCommand interface -

Intercept SQL statements containing parameter values generated by NHibernate

But I'm not sure this works with NHibernate 3.2 and I'm looking for a clear example I could modify.

How could I make NHibernate retry calls to SQL Azure automatically? Let's say 3 retries, with 100ms wait between each - after the 3 retries, if still failing, we should throw the exception.

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I've released a library that takes care of this:


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This is not a complete running example, but the files you need are here


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Have you seen this post on StackOverflow? It links to another as well:

Automatic retry of failed connection in NHibernate

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Thanks Igor - yeah, I saw that question, and the answer is basically "you might (just an idea) be able to get retries by overriding the connection driver's GenerateCommand() method", which would then return a wrapped a wrapped IDbCommand. But it's just an idea and there are no examples. I did also look at the link to the other question, which just recommends to use a local database and Microsoft Sync - not something we want to do. –  ehuna Jan 8 '12 at 2:52
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Maybe this can help you out: http://www.objectreference.net/post/NHibernate-and-Execution-Plans.aspx. Here there is a class that you can download and play with it, with some overrides.

Also check this link as well: http://elliottjorgensen.com/nhibernate-api-ref/NHibernate.Driver/SqlClientDriver.html

I hope it helps in anyway, I'm going thru a similar situation.


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