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I thought I'd start my test-writing career with validator tests. The first validator I decided to test was an ATExtensions RecordField defined like this:

class CoordinateField(RecordField):
    """ Stores angle in deg, min, sec, bearing """
    security = ClassSecurityInfo()
    _properties = RecordField._properties.copy()
        'subfield_validators' : {'degrees':'coordinatevalidator',
    'type' : 'angle',
    'subfields' : ('degrees', 'minutes', 'seconds', 'bearing'),

(incidentally, a side-question about the reason for using subfield_validators instead of a single field validator. The only kind of Record(s)Field validation that actually fires, is a subfield_validator. If anyone has an example of how to write a single validator for the RecordField itself, please will you share the secret? Not a real problem, but not pretty either)

Then, the actual test...

I know how to test the validator for an AT StringField:

       'XX X', instance), 
       "Validation failed: 'XX X': is an invalid keyword."

The same should have been sufficient to test the RecordField:

    {'degrees':'x', 'minutes':'x', 'seconds':'x', 'bearing':'x'}, instance), 
    "Validation failed: invalid co-ordinates."

But I get an AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'form'

Obviously the validator expects a request. So I floundered around in the debugger for a while, following every validate/validate_validators function signature I could find (I don't think it would be productive at all to show my work), with one of two results.

a) A syntax error, or b) Validator failing to report failed validation (simply returning None).

Has anyone got an example of a test case for an ATExtensions Record(s)Field that I can crib? There aren't any tests in Products.ATExtensions, and I'm lost.

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