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I've been trying to set up ninjauth but see to have run into a problem for some reason fuel doesn't seem to be recognizing the oauth package correctly and I am getting the following error

ErrorException [ Error ]: Class 'OAuth\Fuel' not found
PKGPATH/oauth/classes/request.php @ line 477

I have made sure the package is installed in /fuel/packages/oauth added it to the config file in /fuel/app/config/config.php so it looks like

'packages' => array(

and ran a migration on it

php oil refine migrate --packages=oauth

I am developing locally on OSX(10.5.8) using MAMP as my server if that helps.

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this was a namespace issue and has been fixed in this commit


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I was having the same trouble and it turns out I did not have cURL as part of my php installation. I corrected the issue on Linux by running: sudo apt-get install curl libcurl3 libcurl3-dev php5-curl

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