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In my application, I want to have the capability to zoom on images. I have tried with IKImageView but it is causing some problem on 10.5. Specifically after the first image, everything shows up as white. Since Preview app is able to display images(png,jpg), I was thinking of using PDFView. But the problem is, when I pass the path of the image to the PDFDocument, it throws an exception. It says, PDF header not found. Is it possible to display .jpg, .png files using PDFView ?.

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Is it possible to display .jpg, .png files using PDFView ?.

No. A PDFView is for PDF files. If you want to show other image formats, use an NSImageView.

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Or an IKImageView, with investigation into “everything show[ing] up as white”. –  Peter Hosey Jan 8 '12 at 5:40

You could also use a UIWebView, which can display PDFs, JPGs, PNGs and various other things.

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