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I'm a student programmer and I am using Qt to build some GUI applications for work and I have been running into moc issues over and over again. I was hoping for a solution to the current problem that I am having; however, if anyone more veteraned in Qt could shed some light on how to properly handle these files while making changes to your cpp file(s) I'd appreciate any help. In my most recent change (sorry I can't post what it did look like, because it's obviously been restructured) I was validating data by nesting a function inside of my checkData function. Because I would like a specific error to appear for each field that might be invalid I began to create a function for each QLineEdit. I realized that this would not work (or at least make more work) then instead of just providing sequenced checks of information. Below is the new code without the original nested function:

void InjectionDialog::checkData() {
   bool validateFluidVelocity;
   QString tempStrFluidVelocity;
   tempStrFluidVelocity = ui->lineEditFluidVelocity->text();
   double convertedFluidVelocity =
   if (validateFluidVelocity == false) {
      QErrorMessage validateErrorFluidVelocityError;
         showMessage("Fluid velocity input is invalid");
   else {
      transData.lineEditFluidVelocity = convertedFluidVelocity;
   bool validateFluidMassFlow;
   QString tempStrFluidMassFlow;
   tempStrFluidMassFlow = ui->lineEditFluidMassFlow->text();
   double convertedFluidMassFlow =
   if (validateFluidMassFlow == false) {
      QErrorMessage validateErrorFluidMassFlowError;
         showMessage("Fluid mass flow input is invalid");
   else {
      transData.lineEditFluidMassFlow = convertedFluidMassFlow;
   bool validateParticleVelocity;
   QString tempStrParticleVelocity;
   tempStrParticleVelocity = ui->lineEditParticleVelocity->text();
   double convertedParticleVelocity =
   if (validateParticleVelocity == false) {
      QErrorMessage validateErrorParticleVelocity;
         showMessage("Particle velocity input is invalid");
   else {
      transData.lineEditParitcle_sic_Velocity = convertedParticleVelocity;
   bool validateParticleMassFlow;
   QString tempStrParticleMassFlow;
   tempStrParticleMassFlow = ui->lineEditParticleMassFlow->text();
   double convertedParticleMassFlow =
   if (validateParticleMassFlow == false) {
      QErrorMessage validateErrorParticleMassFlow;
         showMessage("Particle mass flow input is invalid");
   else {
      transData.lineEditParticleMassFlow = convertedParticleMassFlow;

Initially I had InjectionDialog::checkFluidVelociy for the first check but decided against it pretty quickly. Now with the code restructured I receive the error:

In function 'InjectionDialog::checkFluidVelocity(QMetaObject::Call, int, void**)': this error is referenced to moc_injectionDialog.o

unidentified reference to 'InjectionDialog::checkFluidVelocity()' this error is referenced to moc_injectiondialog.cpp

In moc_injectiondialog I have the following I have the following listed:

** Meta object code from reading C++ file 'injectiondialog.h'
** Created: Sat Jan 7 21:58:22 2012
**      by: The Qt Meta Object Compiler version 62 (Qt 4.7.4)
** WARNING! All changes made in this file will be lost!

#include "../InjectionGUI/injectiondialog.h"
#error "The header file 'injectiondialog.h' doesn't include <QObject>."
#error "This file was generated using the moc from 4.7.4. It"
#error "cannot be used with the include files from this version of Qt."
#error "(The moc has changed too much.)"

static const uint qt_meta_data_InjectionDialog[] = {

 // content:
       5,       // revision
       0,       // classname
       0,    0, // classinfo
       2,   14, // methods
       0,    0, // properties
       0,    0, // enums/sets
       0,    0, // constructors
       0,       // flags
       0,       // signalCount

 // slots: signature, parameters, type, tag, flags
      17,   16,   16,   16, 0x08,
      29,   16,   16,   16, 0x08,

       0        // eod

static const char qt_meta_stringdata_InjectionDialog[] = {

const QMetaObject InjectionDialog::staticMetaObject = {
    { &QDialog::staticMetaObject, qt_meta_stringdata_InjectionDialog,
      qt_meta_data_InjectionDialog, 0 }

const QMetaObject &InjectionDialog::getStaticMetaObject() { return staticMetaObject; }

const QMetaObject *InjectionDialog::metaObject() const
    return QObject::d_ptr->metaObject ? QObject::d_ptr->metaObject : &staticMetaObject;

void *InjectionDialog::qt_metacast(const char *_clname)
    if (!_clname) return 0;
    if (!strcmp(_clname, qt_meta_stringdata_InjectionDialog))
        return static_cast<void*>(const_cast< InjectionDialog*>(this));
    return QDialog::qt_metacast(_clname);

int InjectionDialog::qt_metacall(QMetaObject::Call _c, int _id, void **_a)
    _id = QDialog::qt_metacall(_c, _id, _a);
    if (_id < 0)
        return _id;
    if (_c == QMetaObject::InvokeMetaMethod) {
        switch (_id) {
        case 0: checkData(); break;
        case 1: checkFluidVelocity(); break;
        default: ;
        _id -= 2;
    return _id;

I have looked over some of the other moc_file posts and most of them say to have Qt clean and rebuild the project. I have ran a project clean up and rebuild all to try to overhaul this moc file but have not had any success in getting rid of the error. It seems like a bug but I couldn't find anything online about it so maybe it's something I don't know about. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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Are you saying that you removed the method InjectionDialog::checkFluidVelociy but you are still getting an error for it? –  Arnold Spence Jan 8 '12 at 6:06
Yes; The moc files are throwing an error as if it still exists. I have ran clean, qmake, deleted the moc_files and i am still getting an errors. It also says that the moc file has changed to much.. –  Wylie Coyote SG. Jan 8 '12 at 20:38

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Whenever I have MOC problems, I Build->Clean All and then Build->Run qmake (Qt Creator IDE). If that doesn't solve my problem, I go into my project folder and delete moc_* files and any other junk that Clean doesn't remove - basically leaving nothing but headers, source and resources.

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I removed the release folder containing the moc_files, cleaned, ran qmake, and I still have the same reported issues. How in the world does Qt know about this old function? It was removed from my cpp and my moc_files where deleted.The only file I have in the project folder are injectiondata.cpp injectiondialog.cpp injectiondialog.ui injectiongui.h InjectionGUI.pro.user main.cpp injectiondata.h injectiondialog.h injectiongui.cpp InjectionGUI.pro injectiongui.ui –  Wylie Coyote SG. Jan 8 '12 at 20:32
Maybe check your paths carefully. Is it possible you have more than one similarly named project and perhaps cleaned up a different project than the one you are compiling? If that isn't it then create a new project and copy your sources over to it. If the function isn't there anymore then you shouldn't get errors about it :) –  Arnold Spence Jan 8 '12 at 23:51
Thanks Arnold, I was afraid that Id have to do that... –  Wylie Coyote SG. Jan 9 '12 at 1:47

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