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I'm trying to change the width of a JQuery dialog after it has been initialized. Here is my initialization:

$(function() {
title: 'Some title',
resizable: false,
bgiframe: true,
overlay: { opacity: 0.3, background: "white" },
position: [200, 200],
autoOpen: false,
height: 150,
width: 'auto'
modal: true,
buttons: {
  'ok': function() {



And this is what I am doing to change the width of it in some other function:


But this doesn't work. The width of the dialog is the width of the paragraph that's first displayed in it. Was I suppose to do anything else?

Here is the html for the dialog:

<div id = 'dialogContainer'>
  <p id = 'message'></p>
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NONE of these has your answer? – altCognito May 18 '09 at 12:52
Nope, I've been through these before – Draco May 18 '09 at 13:13
Is it just that you are using "#dialogBox" instead of "#dialogContainer" ? – vwfreak Apr 8 '10 at 14:42
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Make sure that you are using ui.resizable.js and ui.resizable.css

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Try this:

$("#dialogID").data("width.dialog", 160);
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$("#dialogID").css("width", 160);
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HERE IS SHORT SOLUTION, But remember it is only for predefined dialog.

$( "#dialog" ).dialog({minHeight: 300,minWidth:500});
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Initialize the dialog with the width option specified: The width of the dialog is in pixels.

$( "#dialogBox" ).dialog({ width: 500 });

Get or set the width option, after initialization:

// getter
var width = $( "#dialogBox" ).dialog( "option", "width" );

// setter
$( "#dialogBox" ).dialog( "option", "width", 500 );


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The question already has a valid answer, and it wasn't related to the incorrect use of the width argument for jQuery UI Dialog. – Ian Clark Jul 25 '13 at 11:09

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