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I am new to Java. I want to run a project in Netbeans.

I downloaded a project and opened with netbeans. When running it, netbeans says project does not have a main class set and it is showing warning as package javax.servlet.* does not exists.

Why is it showing these errors? and how to run the project correctly in netbeans?

Kindly clarify my doubts.

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Why is it showing these errors?

The error message says everything :)

To set main class of project in netbeans,

right click the project > properties > in categories, select run > on the right side you can see option to set the main class.

enter image description here

In regards to javax.servlet.* is does not exist. ,

For developing servlets, just make sure that the JAR file containing javax.servlet.* is in your CLASSPATH. Servlets are not the part of JAVA SE API. So you have to download separately and set your CLASSPATH accordingly.

Also read this article.

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I am assuming that you are trying to run a web project. In that case you have to deploy your project on a web server and run the project on the browser.

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