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When I have a QMainWindow with a grid layout, when resizing it with the mouse, it won't go below some minimum size that's necessary for all the controls in it to show properly. In my app I sometimes programatically hide controls, but then the window remains the same size and the rest of the controls look spread out, with too much space between them. I end up resizing the dialog manually so it doesn't look ugly.

Can I programatically set the dialog's vertical size to this minimum I get when manually resizing after I've hidden controls in it?

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+1 I'm frustrated by this too. –  Joseph Quinsey Jan 8 '12 at 8:45
Just figured it out, see my answer below. –  sashoalm Jan 8 '12 at 13:54

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There is hierarchy between QLayout::SizeConstraint, QWidget::minimumSizeHint, QWidget::minimumSize, and you can find it in the documentation.

  • QWidget::minimumSize is not set by default. When it is, it prevails over QWidget::minimumSizeHint
  • QWidget::minimumSizeHint is invalid if the widget is not in a layout (meaning that it can be resized to 0 with the mouse), otherwise use the one defined by the layout.
  • QLayout::SizeConstraint holds the default layout behavior of the widgets it *directly * manage. If you nest a layout A within a layout B, all widgets added to A will use its property. Also if a widget W in B define its own layout, then this layout constraints are the one to be applied for the widget W.

Knowing that, follow these steps. It might work, i didn't try :) :

  • Set the minimum size of all widgets you use.
  • Ensure that the size constraint of all your layouts is set to QLayout::SetDefaultConstraint.
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This code will do the trick (it resizes only the height):

    QWidget widget;
    widget.resize(widget.width(), widget.minimumHeight());
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How does this differ from widget.resize(widget.width(), 1)? And is there any difference between 0 and 1? (I'm a newbie, as you can obviously tell.) –  Joseph Quinsey Jan 8 '12 at 19:20
Do you mean that widget.minimumHeight() returns 0? I had assumed that it returns the minimum size needed for all the controls to fit, but I haven't checked the actual value returned by the function. –  sashoalm Jan 12 '12 at 13:15

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