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I am kinda stuck with the way I should structure my Project. Was going well till now, but now it seems I'll have to re-structure it.

My project is Peer to Peer chat and File Sharing. It performs device discovery, chat and file transfer.

I plan to implement it using JTabbedPane where one main tab would represent the online contacts and others would be created for each contact as and when needed.

Till now I created my Main file where i created the JTabbedPane with one tab for device discovery. For simplicity, i had created another program altogether for chat (file transfer is yet to be coded).

Now how do I bring these codes together and go ahead?

Should I? 1: Combine the whole chat code in the main file itself? 2: Make calls to the chat program to create new instances everytime and add one panel at a time to the JTabbedPane? And if anything else, please suggest.

If the solution is 2, please guide me, m kinda stuck.

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Create a Main-Program that instantiates the GUI and the Chat program and tells the GUI about the Chat Program. You keep the modularity and do not need to create new Chat Program instances each time.

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