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We have an application that needs certain HR (Human Resource) data like the employee table etc. to initiate the manual and automate workflow process it is used for.

Well I am looking into the way to integrate or synchronized with Oracle Data,lets say I get a new customer who has something called "Oracle HR" and they say we will buy your application but we need you to integrate it with our Oracle HR System.

Our application is in .NET C#.How do I go about integrating with Oracle ?

1. Are there any web services in oracle that expose the data I can poll and get and put in my applications database?

1. Or do I have to ask them to provide me a user who can access the data as views so that I can connect via ADO.NET or any other adapter and get the data?

2. What the heck is Oracle Fusion Middleware in layman developer terms? Can it be used or is it hype?

Anybody with some experience in this area of two way or one way data integration in an enterprise can shed some light? Thanks in advance.

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If the data model is simply enough (HR stuff should be) then I would go with option to connect to Oracle Schema and consume the data.

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