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I am getting LNK2001 errors when trying to use Crypto++. The official advice for this is:

There are two ways you can deal with this, either change Crypto++ to export those classes, by using the CRYPTOPP_DLL macro, or link with both the DLL export library and a static library that contains the non-DLL classes and functions. The latter can be built by using the "DLL-Import" configuration of the cryptlib project.

It would be preferable to use the first option, and given that I am not experienced in using Visual Studio, I cannot find the location and execution method of the macro.

In short: Where do I find the macro and how do I execute it?


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Use the project's mailing list for additional help: cryptopp.com/#lists –  Hans Passant Jan 8 '12 at 15:24

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In short: Where do I find the macro and how do I execute it?

The macro is CRYPTOPP_IMPORTS. You use it when performing dynamic linking on Windows (i.e., the Crypto++ DLL).

You can 'execute' it in one of two ways. First, you can add #include <cryptopp/dll.h> to your stdafx.h. dll.h. defines it, and dll.h must be included before any other Crypto++ defines. Second, add it to your project's preprocessor macros. In either case, CRYPTOPP_IMPORTS will be defined.

I suspect you have a different error, though. You're probably not including the Crypto++ library (for static linking) or Crypto++ import lib (for dynamic linking) in your project.

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