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I need to add to a QByteArray 4 bytes, as frame. (struct ([4 bytes][message]))

I do:

 QByteArray byteArray;
 QByteArray byteArray2(man.SerializeAsString().c_str(), man.ByteSize()); // 31 byte
 qDebug()<<byteArray.size()<<"size"; // 0 bytes
 qDebug()<<byteArray.size()<<"size"; // 3, ok
 qDebug()<<byteArray.size()<<"size"; // 4
 qDebug()<<byteArray2.size()<<"size"; // return 35, ok
 qDebug()<<(byteArray2); // not print my message

Sorry for my english.

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You're trying to print a string that (should) start with \0 characters (binary zero). qDebug() will most likely not print anything at all - \0 is a string terminator.

But there's a bug in your code, you should be doing:

 byteArray.fill(0, 3);

instead of the resize call, otherwise you'll get random data in the first bytes.

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To print binary data, one can use QByteArray::toHex() – Frank Osterfeld Jan 8 '12 at 13:17
Thanks, ToHex() is very useful – Dcow Jan 8 '12 at 19:11

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