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Is it possible to convert a plain Java Object with the usual getXXX and setXXX methods for its fields to a key-value pair, like Map<String, Object>?

I need to to this without relying on Java reflection, so it can be used with a Java-To-Javascript compiler like GWT.

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I've done this before by using a MapSerialisation interface:

interface MapSerialisation {
    Map<String, Object> toMap();
    void fromMap(Map<String, Object>);

Implement that on each of your model objects and use that for translation.

Another method I've used is Google Collections' Transformers, and having model transformation functions to convert between a Java object and a structure that Javascript would like.

I'd probably be tempted to use Jackson to serialise into JSON though.

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GWT comes with a mechanism called Deferred Binding as a replacement for reflection. While normally you only use this API by calling GWT.create(Class<?>), it can also be used to write code generators that are invoked during the GWT compile process (i.e. the Java-to-Javascript translation).

You could use this to create a code generator that will output for any of your POJO classes a helper class which would contain the toMap() and fromMap() methods. GWT offers an API that is kind of similar to Java's reflection API with classes like JClassType, JMethod, etc. These can be used to query classes (that you want to generate code for) for their getters and setters and generate the above-mentioned methods accordingly.

Your client code would then basically look like this:

Pojo1 pojo1 = ...;
// Pojo1Transformer is the class that is generated for your domain class Pojo1
Pojo1Transformer pojo1Transformer = GWT.create(Pojo1Transformer.class);
Map<String, Object> pojo1AsMap = pojo1Transformer.toMap(pojo1);
pojo1AsMap.put(Pojo1Transformer.NAME, "New Name");
Pojo1 changed = pojo1Transformer.fromMap(pojo1AsMap);
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Reflection is the most logical way to do this, some might argue that Class GetMethods / Fields are not technically reflection altogether.

One way to do this is to implement toHash() function where you could explicitly create a Hashtable / Map of your Object.

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