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When my mouse over function is working, the clickable image wont send the value to my text file, but when I change my div tag to (this) its working but the mouse over function aint .

This is when the mouse over function is working bit not the send ranting value

  <div id="1"  onclick="SendRating(this,id);" onmouseover="rateStar(id)" value="> <img src="star.jpg"></div>

And this is when my function is sending the value, but the mouse over a'int working.

<div id="2"  onclick="SendRating(this.id);" ><img src="star.jpg"></div>

This are my two functions that I'm using.

function SendRating(RatingValue){
var paramas = "rating="+RatingValue;
type: "POST",
  url: "rating.php",
  data: paramas,
    success: function(responseText)
    document.getElementById("ContentHolder").innerHTML = responseText;

function rateStar(rating){
    var i = 1;
    var ratings = '';
    for (i==1; i<=5; i++){
        if (i<=rating){
            document.getElementById(i).innerHTML = '<img src=\"star1.gif\">';
            document.getElementById(i).innerHTML = '<img src=\"star.jpg\">';
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Hmm, the thing is now that its working, when i'm clicking outside the image, but not on the image ,wtf –  Dymond Jan 8 '12 at 14:21

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when you're calling a js function from a html tag, using double quotes is best practice.

<div id="3"  onclick="SendRating(this.id);" onmouseover="rateStar(id);"><img src="star.jpg"></div>

this will work

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Hmm, cant get i rate anyway =/ –  Dymond Jan 8 '12 at 13:49
use rateStar(this.id) –  Manigandan Arjunan Jan 8 '12 at 14:28

You forgot the quotes around rateStar(id):

<div id="3"  onclick="SendRating(value);" onmouseover="rateStar(id)"><img src="star.jpg"></div>
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You're using a variable called value, which doesn't exist. Maybe you want to use this.id?

<div id="3"  onclick="SendRating(this.id);" onmouseover="rateStar(this.id)"><img src="star.jpg"></div>

Also, notice that I've wrapped rateStar(this.id) in quotes.

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I get the rating work, but the mouse over function wont =/ –  Dymond Jan 8 '12 at 13:58

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