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I use ActionBarSherlock compatibility library and experience a strange behavior when paging between tabs of Action Bar. Each tab contains a simple Fragment, nothing special. I observed that fragment's onCreateView method is called too often even though there is no screen orientation change. It looks like some kind of pre-caching. I have three tabs there, when the activity is created, the onCreateView is called only for the first two fragments. The last fragment doesn't create view until I page one step forward. The same behavior occurs when paging from the last tab to the first.

Has anybody any idea why this occurs? I would assume creating all views at once, when the parent activity finishes its creating. I don't want to create views again and again, there are no changes in the fragments, they are static. It has no sense and causes paging to be sluggish a bit...

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After a few hours I found what's happening there. ViewPager has a default setting DEFAULT_OFFSCREEN_PAGES which sets the maximum number of views (fragments in my case) to be stored in the view container of ViewPager. It is obviously some kind of resource optimization; invisible views can be thrown away and restored when needed.

There is nothing easier then change this value by setOffscreenPageLimit(int limit) setter which I overlooked.

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Thanks.Your answer proved helpful to me in a different way.I had a custom layout into which views were being added dynamically.I had 4 screens. When i swipe to the 4th screen and return to the first the my custom layout was not getting displayed properly with the views that i had added dynamically.Although not a solution that directly addresses the issue,this fixes the issue.upvoted –  rogerstone Feb 8 '12 at 5:52

I think it was done consciously to increase user experience. The same way ViewPager from compatibility lib is implemented.

Anyway, sources are available.

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