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Does anyone know of a Firefox addon/extension for saving code snippets ?

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+1 Just to save code snippets? Sounds a great idea! We could build it from scratch... Count with me. – Igor Parra Jan 8 '12 at 14:24

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Although it's no Firefox addon you may want to give a try. I recently got invited and now work with it. It's still under development. But already quite advanced. It's a small app for Windows and Mac. Coolest features to me by now: Syncing to online account, code hightlighting, works with Sublime and other IDE. Best: it's free. One of the future features: snippets sharing.

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For managing code snippets I recommend a small text snippet tool named Clippings

After adding a new entry you can easily insert your snippet anywhere inside Firefox or even Thunderbird via a customized keyboard shortcut

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