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I'm using wordpress and i have many plugins which using javascript file.

I want to add "defer" tag in all javascript including inline script.

I don't wanna edit each file and add it manually.

So is there any code available like htaccess or some other code to add that tag automatically?


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manually is not that bad, you can use the "replace all" of any text editor. You can replace something by that + something else. ex: replace all <p to <div><p and all /p> with /p></div> . –  ajax333221 Jan 8 '12 at 18:38

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I assume you are using Apache since you reference .htaccess. It's probably a bad idea, but maybe you can use mod_ext_filter. There is an example there titled "Using sed to replace text in the response." I guess you could try and replace <script with <script defer.

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