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Let me give the context first. A user opens a local html file which has a reference to a network url of an swf file to embed. Then let me ask 2 questions. (1) If the embed swf requests a local image file , will Flash allow the request? (2) If the embed swf requests an image file on a non local url other than one of the swf file, will Flash check a crossdomain.xml file on the url?

Thank you in advance.

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Question 1: Yes, I tried this and it worked. I have a local HTML file which embeds a swf via the network. It loads the image from the network.

Question 2: Crossdomain xml would only work if you run the flash file on a domain. I think it might work if your flash file is accessible via a domain, like Then you can give domain acces to in the crossdomain.xml on the external server where you get the images from.

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