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Mysql insert into 2 tables

is it possible to make this?

e.g. INSERT INTO tableA,tableB VALUES (sharedVal, valA) (sharedVal, valB)

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this is not posible

you can do something like :

begin transaction
 Insert into table1(col1, col2, col3 ) values v1, v2, v3;
 Insert into table2(col1, col2, col3 ) values v1, v2, v3 ;
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You can simply

 $sql1 = "INSERT INTO tableA (shareda, vala) VALUES (sharedVal, valA)";
 $sql2 = "INSERT INTO tableB (sharedb, valb) VALUES (sharedVal, valB)";

Each time you should specify the table column, where you're putting your values.

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