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Is there a way to achieve having only and only one websocket connection for all content scripts in your chrome-extension?

Since content scripts can not use variables or functions defined by their extension's pages , there is no way as far as i know.

why only one websocket connection? Because, opening a websocket connection is relatively expensive process especially if you have do it again and again many times.

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Maybe I misunderstand you but I think this is solution:

  1. Open websocket in the background page.
  2. Create Port connection between background page and content script.
  3. Send and receive JSON massages through Port and websocket
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Thanks. Indeed, i tried something similar but i guess the problem was about loading an extension page( with jquery's load function ) and then calling content script inside it :) Now i realize it ... i'll try this approach again with a proper implementation. – Ahmet Akyol Jan 8 '12 at 21:26
what do you mean by "Port connection"? I have a websocket instantiated in my background script, but it doesn't always load. If I refresh the page, it doesn't connect. Sometimes it will though. I have no idea if the background.js is loaded once at chrome startup or what. i need to instantiate when my content_scripts load, but in the background.js – chovy Jan 27 at 9:02

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