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I have a custom server that runs in its own posix thread in a native Node Add On.

What is the proper way to keep the node process running the uv_run event loop? In other words, if I start the server in my Add On via a script, my process will exit at the end of the script instead of keeping the event loop running.

I've tried adding a SignalWatcher via process.on and that still exits. I didn't see anything else in the process object for doing this from script.

In node.cc, there is this comment:

  // Create all the objects, load modules, do everything.
  // so your next reading stop should be node::Load()!

  // All our arguments are loaded. We've evaluated all of the scripts. We
  // might even have created TCP servers. Now we enter the main eventloop. If
  // there are no watchers on the loop (except for the ones that were
  // uv_unref'd) then this function exits. As long as there are active
  // watchers, it blocks.


What does the Add On have to do?

I've tried calling uv_ref(uv_default_loop()) in the main thread in my Add On when starting the server/pthread but the process still exits.

Note: I can bind to a TCP/UDP port or set a timer and that will keep uv_run from exiting, but I would like to do this the "correct" way.

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Additional information: calling uv_ref(uv_default_loop()) does seem to hold the event loop, but then my server object gets released after 10 seconds or so. –  damondanieli Jan 8 '12 at 19:02
I think the fix is to hold the server object by deriving it from ObjectWrap and calling Ref() and Unref() when the script calls start() and stop() on my server, respectively. –  damondanieli Jan 8 '12 at 19:52
+1 for answering your own question (I'm guessing! Did it work?) –  ypocat Feb 11 '12 at 19:17
[I would have updated my original post but I had to wait a period before I could update it] I found that I had to do both (calling uv_ref and Ref). –  damondanieli Feb 12 '12 at 7:26

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