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this is my first post... I'm some confused on this my issue. In my WinApp I would like to populate a ListView from data retrivet from a Store Procedure that accept 3 parameters: 2 date (for to build the date...between construct) and a text items into DropDownList. My "Idea" on how to implement this, is that on SelectedIndexChanged of DropDownList, run the c# code that execute the Stored Procedure, but I haven't any idea on how to make It's the right method? The stored prodedure must be stored on Mysql engine or I must inject into it via c# code? How I can execute it, with parametr, from my app? I'm really confused...

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I think what you need is a simple plain how to start tutorial. I would suggest use google to find some basic hello world tutorials on MySQL using C#.

For example take a look at this article. It covers stored procedures of My SQL with a simple C# app

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Many thanks for your reply. I'd study this articles many times but I'm a novice and some things I don't know.There is a minimal example that call a stored procedure with parameter and show me result on ListView or any sililar objects?Thanks again –  Gianni Giordano Jan 8 '12 at 20:35

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