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In my application, I would like to create static pages namespaced under the '!' (exclamation point). For example:


Currently, I have it functional using the prefix pages in my routes.rb file:

# config/routes.rb
get 'pages(/:action)' => 'pages', :as => :page

This works great, and generates the correct URLs, etc. However, if I replace pages with !, the routes fail:

# config/routes.rb
get '!(/:action)'...

Here's the output of rake routes:

pages GET     /!(.:format)             {:controller=>"pages", :action=>"index"}
page GET      /!/:action(.:format)     {:controller=>"pages"}

As you can see, Rails is generating the routes. However, when I try to use any of those named routes in my views, I get a routing error:

No route matches {:controller => "pages", :action => "about"}

Ironically, If I use any other symbol (like @) the routes work as expected. Why can't I use an ! exclamation point in my routes :(. Should I be filing an issue on github?

P.S. it also fails if I specify the route manually {:controller => :pages, :action => :about} with the same error.

P.S.S the routes actually work if visited directly (/!/about) renders the correct page. The URL helpers just won't let it actually create the link :(

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Thought i had an answer, but then i ran into the same issue. Removing the exclamation mark allows the home_path() method to work. Otherwise it doesn't recognize it. Might be a good idea to file a bug, unless someone else can provide an answer. For now to solve your issue, I suggest just using an HTML link for now at least. – agmcleod Jan 8 '12 at 19:00
Phew. At least I know I'm not crazy. I'd really prefer not to resort to (gasp) HTML links (especially since I use nice and pretty HAML). Right now I'm just using the @ sign instead :/. I'll wait 2 days, open a bounty, and then file an issue. I'd rather not burden the Core team unless I'm absolutely sure. – sethvargo Jan 8 '12 at 20:23
Yeah, i think that's a good idea. Another thing you could do is use the link to, and concatenate the exclamation mark infront. Though it's not a whole lot prettier. – agmcleod Jan 8 '12 at 20:30
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Taken from RFC3986 Uniform Resource Identifier: Generic Syntax

2.2 Reserved Characters

  reserved    = gen-delims / sub-delims

  gen-delims  = ":" / "/" / "?" / "#" / "[" / "]" / "@"

  sub-delims  = "!" / "$" / "&" / "'" / "(" / ")"
              / "*" / "+" / "," / ";" / "="

As such, you shouldn't include ! in your paths.

You may have seen google's #! syntax for making ajax web apps crawlable by search engines.


But in this case, it's a trick;

The path is just "/", and the rest is regarded as the "anchor" or "hash"

host = ""
path = "/"
hash = "#!/exampleUser"
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I'm aware of hash-bangs and their use. However, Rails still let's me use :, @, +, -, _, ... in my routes. It won't let me use a ! though. – sethvargo Jan 9 '12 at 1:50

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