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I am using shiro to protect my grails application, using the default setup as with

grails shiro-quick-start

and a custom user. So far, all controller actions are protected, but if I put in the URL to a GSP-File (say, index.gsp), I do not get a login prompt.

The default filter I use is

 def filters = {
    all(uri: "/**") {
        before = {      

but seemingly GSP-Files do not match this URI-Filter. What URI-Filter do I have to use? I am using grails 1.3.7 and shiro plugin 1.1.3

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very interesting, but seems to be a grails problem, not a shiro one.

I didn't manage to secure /object/view.gsp pages through the filters mechanism - it seems to be based on controller/action and since there is no controller involved...

But I did find another solution. Add the following line to your UrlMappings.groovy file

 "/$folder/${view}.gsp"(controller:'auth', action:'login') 

this will send your .gsp files through a controller.

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Very good idea, thank you very much! But to secure the main "index.gsp" you also have to add "/${view}.gsp"(controller:'auth', action:'login') –  Julian Jan 9 '12 at 17:52

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