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I really like the way adobe has integrated sqlLite into their AIR api. I'd love to utilize similar functionality in a Java SE 7 desktop application I'm currently coding. Can anyone recommend a simple third party library for this? I'm not doing anything heavy duty with it -- just to keep track of user accounts, pws, plus a few other data items.

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Third party library for what, exactly? –  Dave Newton Jan 8 '12 at 18:29
Did any of these answer your question? If so you should think about accepting the one that did. :) –  Michael Jan 27 '12 at 15:10

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Java Web Start can provide a painless install experience for the end user.

For the database, call the installer from an extension declared as an installer-desc, and it will be called the first time the app. is downloaded. Here is a demo. of the ExtensionInstallerService.

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Here is a discussion on SO about 3 different embedded databases, Derby (which Java DB is based on), H2, and HSQLDB.

Embedded java databases

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There several embedded databases you could use such as HSQL DB or Apache Derby. I believe it is also possible to use SQLite as well.

Also, if the data is extremely simple perhaps a simple XML/flat file storage system could work equally well.

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