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I use my trick to scale whole scene to match screen resolution.

Then I stuck with the issue with the scaled Scene.

I fail to convert pSceneTouchEvent coordinates into local Entity coordinates

In my BaseGameActivity, I do like this:

            minScale = getMinScaleToMatchDeviceResolution();

    sceneXposition = -(minScale*screenWidth-screenWidth)/2.0f;
    sceneYposition = -(minScale*screenHeight-screenHeight)/2.0f;
    mainScene.setPosition(screenWidth, screenHeight);

I have two layers in scene: 1) mBaseEntity is the Entity directly belong to Scene mBaseEntity = new Entity(relativeBaseEntityXposition, relativeBaseEntityYposition);

2) the second entity belongs to mBaseEntity mSecondLayer = new Entity(); mBaseEntity.attachChild(mSecondLayer);

And my child Sprite was created in the second layer: Sprite stickerySprite = new StickerySprite(stickeryXposition, stickeryYposition, stickeryTextureRegion) mSecondLayer.attachChild(stickerySprite);

Now my goal is to move the stickerySprite following the touch move.

My idea is that convert the pSceneTouchEvent into local position but it is not worked The local coordinate is wrong!

        StickerySprite(stickeryXposition, stickeryYposition, stickeryTextureRegion)
            public boolean onAreaTouched(TouchEvent pSceneTouchEvent,
        float pTouchAreaLocalX, 
                float pTouchAreaLocalY) 
            float[] realPosition = 
                             (pSceneTouchEvent.getX() - this.getWidth() / 2), 
                         (pSceneTouchEvent.getY() this.getHeight() / 2)/);
                this.setPosition(realPostion[0], realPosition[1]);

I used the AndEngine examples, but in this case, it cant work because my Scene is scale as above. I tried to re-calculate the real position in local but it seems I missed some important things. Could u pls give my any advice :) Really thankful and appreciated And sorry for my English!!!

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Are you trying to allow the user to drag it or just have the sprites go where the user touched? – coder_For_Life22 Jan 8 '12 at 18:39

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