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I have fiddled around with OpenGL on Qt. But now I want to have complex scenes. (With multiple COLLADA/MD2 models loaded).

For this I'm thinking of using OpenSceneGraph (OSG). Is it possible to integrate OSG with Qt? If so how to?


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OpenSceneGraph 3.0.x now has an osgQt library that makes it easy to integrate OpenSceneGraph within Qt. Head up to the the samples and specifically the osgviewerQt one !

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Yes - I haven't worked on OSG for a year but there was a very good Qt widget in OSG that worked well enough for a commercial product.

With the new improvements in openGL in 4.8 it should be even better

You should probably search the osg forum

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osgQt Widgets for OSG currently don't work when using Qt 5.x and multithreaded rendering –  Beachwalker Mar 12 at 16:03

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