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When I run parseInt:


it throws:

NumberFormatException: For input string: ""

Does this mean I have do something like this?

  return Integer.parseInt(myString);
 return 0;
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Well, you could use the conditional operator instead:

return StringUtils.isNotBlank(myString) ? Integer.parseInt(myString) : 0;

If you need to do this in multiple places, you'd probably want to put this into a separate method. Note that you should also consider situations where myString is null, or contains non-numeric text.

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Yes, but: Wrap it in a thin method (and eliminate the redundant else), or use an existing implementation, like Commons Lang's NumberUtils.toInt(str, defaultValue):

NumberUtils.toInt(myString, 0);

This method handles null values and conversion failures.

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What you have is fine, but as a coding style I prefer to make tests "positive" (isBlank), rather than "negative" (isNotBlank), ie

if (StringUtils.isBlank(myString)) {
    return 0;
return Integer.parseInt(myString); // Note: No need for else when the if returns

or, more succinctly:

return StringUtils.isBlank(myString) ? 0 : Integer.parseInt(myString);
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Yes. (Validate your inputs before making assumptions about what are in them. :-)

+1 for already finding Apache's common-lang w/ StringUtils.

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Integer.parseInt(String) doesn't accept non-numeric input, including nulls and empty strings.

Either guard against that like you suggested, or catch the NFE.

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I don't know why was I searching for this but here's the easy way:

int test=str.isEmpty()?0:Integer.parseInt(str);
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