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Hi I'm trying to add my image name to my database, I have a page that adds a file to my server in a folder called uploads but I then want to be able to on creation of a news article, get the image name that I've uploaded and add that to the relevant article in a variable called $Image_Name so I can show the relevant image to the article.

is there some code I can add to my form to search browse the image and add the name to a field then when I do my insert query on the following page just get that value like I do for all my text fields.

Any help would be great as I still very new to php and mysql.


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suggestion – Gerep Jan 8 '12 at 20:34

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Maybe this will help you:

$image = $_FILES["file"]["name"];                                               
$query = "INSERT INTO images VALUES('','$image')";
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