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I have attempted to add a new repository to github per their usual instructions with an odd rejection...

Owner@Owner-HP ~/Bescrewed
$ git push -u origin master
ERROR: Permission to TangibleDream/Bescrewed.git denied to TangibleDream/demo_app.
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Owner@Owner-HP ~/Bescrewed

The problem is, demo_app was my last repository. The one I'm doing presently is bescrewed and should be in no way connected to demo_app.

Has anyone had this issue before?

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It might be tied to an ssh issue as described in GitHub help page:

Permission to user/repo2 denied to user/repo1

This error occurs when you attach your key as a deploy key on repo1.
You can push and pull from that repo without issue, but you won’t have access to any other repo with your key.
To solve this, remove the key from repo1’s deploy keys and attach it on your account page instead. This key will now have access to all repos your account has access to.

See Deploy Keys

What are deploy keys?

Deploy keys are ssh keys just like the ones you attach to your account to allow you to push to and pull from your repos.
The only difference is that deploy keys are designed to allow access to a single private repo.
This will allow your staging or production server to pull in from your repo

The other possibility is that somehow your 'origin' remote is incorrect (check what git remote -v returns)

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