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To add an array of $keywords to my ad group I am currently using the following code:

$adGroupCriterionService = $adwordsUser->GetService('AdGroupCriterionService', 'v201109');

$operations = array();

foreach ($keywords AS $keyword) {
    $keywordobj = new Keyword();
    $keywordobj->text = $keyword;
    $keywordobj->matchType = 'BROAD';

    $keywordAdGroupCriterion = new BiddableAdGroupCriterion();
    $keywordAdGroupCriterion->adGroupId = $identifier;
    $keywordAdGroupCriterion->criterion = $keywordobj;

    $keywordAdGroupCriterionOperation = new AdGroupCriterionOperation();
    $keywordAdGroupCriterionOperation->operand = $keywordAdGroupCriterion;
    $keywordAdGroupCriterionOperation->operator = 'ADD';

    $operations[] = $keywordAdGroupCriterionOperation;

$result = $adGroupCriterionService->mutate($operations);

This works fine. However, I've started to realise that doing such operations uses up API Units rather more quickly than I had anticipated. Is there a more API Unit friendly approach to doing this operation? Or is this simply the 'catch' with the Google Adwords API pricing?

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Depending on how many keywords you're uploading at a time, you can use the MutateJobService; the coding is a little more complicated but you should save 50% of the unit cost.

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Excellent! And it's not actually too complicated to use at all. Found some videos which others with the same query might find interesting on the subject which includes sample code - – JoeR Jan 10 '12 at 17:52

If someone needs a quick code example, shows how to use MutateJobService, it is much more simpler than the old BulkMutateJobService. Also, the original video from API workshop days is here,, presentations here: Same links as JoeR posted, but linked to the original site this time.

For any AdWords API related questions, the official forum ( is the best place to ask questions. The group is very active, and Googlers from the API team regularly answer questions here.

Cheers, Anash

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