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let's say I have a string called str, I dont know how long is that. characters in the string are separated by '-' after each 16th character. Now i called function like $ex = explode('-', $str);. Now it is in array. I have changed some chracters in array. for example $ex[0][0] = 'a'; Now I want to connect that changed arrays back to variable $str2. Something like $str2 = $ex[0].ex[1] but I don't know how long is that array.
Do you know how?
IF you didnt understand my explaination, tell me.
Thank you really much.

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I think you want implode:



$str2 = implode('', $ex);
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I was lookin on that few seconds ago, but I didn't understand what it does. Well Im not good in English. SO thank you really much –  René Beneš Jan 8 '12 at 22:25
$str2 = implode('', $ex); should do it –  ctcherry Jan 8 '12 at 22:29


$str2 = implode('-', $ex);

This will take all of the elements of $ex and connect them into one string with the first parameter between each element. In this case: -.

If you don't want them to be connected by anything, then you can just do:

$str2 = implode($ex);
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Use foreach. Foreach allows you to run through the array and automatically stop when the end has been reached.

An example would be:

foreach ($ex as $e) {
  $str2 .= $e;
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