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In Django default database drivers there is a list of raw queries against the database in django.db.connection.queries.

Is there anything similar in the MongoDB driver pymongo that can be turned on for a single Django http round-trip?

More specifically, I had a useful middleware that showed a list of SQL queries for Django supported RDBs, and I would like to have the same thing for our API stack that uses pymongo.

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Created my own Django middleware that instruments pymongo.connection.Connection._send_message() to record queries into Django's connection.queries.

Stored as in a gist for whoever is interested, comments are welcome.

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You can also run:

mongod -vv (or more -vvvvv)

to have the server log the queries.

Take a look at this thread:!topic/mongodb-user/OKlfkDjZFso

It has some interesting insights. It points to: that shows off some native mongo functions to log queries, and slow queries in particular.

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But that would log ALL the queries, which is really not what I want. As I want to get just the queries used in a specific request round trip. – Evgeny Sep 10 '12 at 22:01

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