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I know how to draw a circle in cocos2d & I know how to do cocos2d animation (scale and fade) with a ccsprite(loaded from a png file).

But I am wondering is it possible to store a drawn circle(in draw function) somehow and do animation with it just we normally do with ccsprite.


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Have a look at the inner workings of your animations and you should be able to piece together the rest.

Take a look at CCScaleTo for example. If you look at its update: function, all it does is change the scale of the CCNode it links to over time.

You should make your circle by extending CCSprite (or CCNode) and overriding the draw function. Here you can just call super to handle the translation or if you need a bit more control, you should modify your translation matrix yourself to take the position, rotation, scale into account (e.g. glScalef(x, y, z)) with OpenGLES.

-(void) draw
    [super draw];
    //Your draw code for the circle.
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that sounds like what I need. Would this new class extending CCSprite work with z order ? E.g. NewClass:CCSprite{...}; NewClass myCircle; [self addChild:myCircle z:10]; The z order of the new circle should have a z order of 10 right ? – Gob00st Jan 9 '12 at 11:47
I don't see why that wouldn't work – James Webster Jan 9 '12 at 12:46

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