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Can someone provide a practical way of getting Wijmo working with Rails 3.1

I would think the best way would be to dump the downloaded Wijmo folder and all of its contents in the vender/assets directory and then somehow only referencing the files that are needed. But the asset pipeline is a bit picky and wants to load ALL files (including development files etc).

I guess I should really be doing my homework properly and thoroughly understanding the assets pipeline, but I would appreciate if someone could show me a fast and clean way of getting a vanilla Rails 3.1 app up and running with Wijmo installed. I would need the solution to cover both development and production mode.


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IMO, The best way would be to just reference the scripts/stylesheets needed in a page using CDN. You can reference it in a layout template so it can be used anywhere.

You can get the reference snippet to use here: http://wijmo.com/downloads/cdn/

You also might want to try referencing the v2 Beta since there are now fewer references.

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