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Does Scheme have a sign function? I could not find any information about that.

I define a sign function as a function which produces -1 when x<0, 0 when x=0 and 1 when x>0.

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Well, if there isn't any, it should be "trivial" to write one: 0 if x is 0, x / abs(x) otherwise –  fge Jan 9 '12 at 0:23
Scheme philosophy is building from base up; you don't get so many libraries as in, say, CLOS, but you can pretty much make anything you want, mold the language in the way you like. As @fge says - if your Scheme doesn't have the sign function, it's trivial to make one. –  Amadan Jan 9 '12 at 0:26

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Use the sgn procedure:

(sgn -10)
> -1
(sgn 10)
> 1
(sgn 0)
> 0

If you're wondering how to implement it...

(define (sign n)
  (cond ((negative? n) -1)
        ((positive? n) 1)
        (else 0)))
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