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I want to try out the java libusb from and cant even connect to my device...

I had this python code before:

def discover():
    my_device = None
    for bus in usb.busses():
        for dev in bus.devices:
            if dev.idVendor == 0x16c0 and dev.idProduct == 0x05dc:
                handle =

which worked really great. now i wanted to build the same in java and made this:

Device dev = USB.getDevice((short) 0x16c0, (short) 0x05dc);
try {, 0, -1);

} catch (USBException e) {

but all i get now is

ch.ntb.usb.USBException: No USB endpoints found. Check the device configuration
    at ch.ntb.usb.Device.updateMaxPacketSize(
    at ch.ntb.usb.Device.initDevice(
    at Main.main(

that cant be true because i double checked the values from lsusb and i have a Configuration 1 and an Interface 0... Whats could be so difficult to connect to my device? I dont get it...

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You scan busses and devices on busses in your python code -- does the equivalent Java code also work? – fge Jan 9 '12 at 0:31
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I found out that the device only had an interrupt endpoint, which is reachable for the python implementation but not for the java one... I changed that and now it works!

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Could you elaborate? I've the same problem, what did you change? – Kirill Kulakov Jan 1 '13 at 19:13
Could you help me over here?… – Kirill Kulakov Jan 4 '13 at 11:16

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