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I'm running node.js on OSX and have just installed mongodb using command npm install mongodb under myapp/node_modules directory. According to mongodb official documenation, to start a mongodb you just have to execute ./mongodb/bin/mongo on the command line. However I didn't see any directory called 'bin' under the node_modules/mongodb..

Is there a special way to start a mongodb instance when it were bundled together with a node.js app? How would I start a mongodb server running on mongodb://localhost/myapp?

I'm currently also using matador (new mvc framework for node), and according to the documentation, we connect to the mongodb server this way:

// app/models/ApplicationModel.js
module.exports = require('./BaseModel').extend(function () {
  this.mongo = require('mongodb') 
  this.mongoose = require('mongoose')
  this.Schema = this.mongoose.Schema
  this.mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/myapp') //CONNECT TO MONGODB SERVER...

At this moment I dont think I have mongodb server running, and don't really know how to set it up because of the issue above. Would appreciate any links, answers, and pointers to the right direction. Thanks!

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npm install mongodb is the command for installing Node.js driver for MongoDB. You'll have to install MongoDB separately.

You can get it here: http://www.mongodb.org/downloads

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With NPM you got the mongo driver and not the mongodb. I use Chocolatey to install softwares on my computer. To install mongodb without leaving console, you may use following command if you have chocolatey installed.

cinst mongodb
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