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I am trying to change the SQL query below to HQL in my grails-groovy application

    top10UserActivityQuery =
"select sum(trans_cnt) as t_cnt, employeeid as username from map2_data "+
"where fdate between (:datefrom) and (:dateto) and res_id=:res_id and location =:location "+
"group by employeeid order by t_cnt desc limit 10;"
der rows = myds.rows(top10UserActivityQuery )

How do I use the createcriteria in GORM for this..or any other way?

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the criteria would be similar to the following:

def criteria = DomainClass.createCriteria()
def topTen = criteria.list {
    and {
        between("fdate", dateFrom, dateTo)
        eq("res", resId)
        eq("location", location)
    projections {

however, i'd suggest using the direct hql this criteria generates.

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