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I have two style sheets for the page I'm working on. When the alternate style sheet is selected i need to run an extra function to get the effect I desire. So my question is, how can I write the javascript to only execute this block of code when the alternate style sheet is active?

The css is switched via two buttons and styleswitcher.js like so:

<ul class="viewbuttons">
<li><a class="threedview" href="#" onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('default'); return false;">3D View</a></li>
<li><a class="twodview" href="#" onclick="setActiveStyleSheet('alternate'); return false;">2D View</a></li>

and as far as the javascript goes, i've taken the alternate style sheet specific code (twodview) and placed it within a click function to be activated when the style sheet is switched

all my terrible noob code

so this obviously works for the first time it is switched to the 2dview, but upon switching back the code remains. What I am currently looking for is how to set a function along these lines:

remove all my terrible noob code activated by the twodview

the first option I explored was trying to define the active stylesheet as a variable in a while loop, but much to my astonishment the in the head don't really change using styleswitcher.js so I don't understand how it is switching the css (magic i presume)

This brings me back to trying to use .click() events as seen above, any suggestions?

Thanks all.


$("a.twodview").click( function() {
$("a.threedview").click( function() {
$("a.twodview").click( function() {
    $('div#booma').click( function() {

So i've figured out how to kind of toggle the hover/click functionality between the 3D view and the 2D view, the problem is that the .on() portion that should rebind hoverIntent() when switched back to the 3D view doesn't work.

Maybe the problem is in hoverIntent()? separating the .off() into mouseenter and mouseleave works fine though so I'm not sure that is the case.

I feel as if my .on() is the right method but not implemented correctly, any suggestions?

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Is the extra functions you're trying to run depend on the same classes? Why don't you add an extra class and use that as the selector? – Christopher Marshall Jan 9 '12 at 1:21
That sounds very promising, but let me make sure we are on the same page. Using the addClass with the and the removeClass with the right? I'm working on it right now, thanks! – d.rice Jan 9 '12 at 1:35
hmmm, the classes are adding/removing fine, but it won't execute the code (i'm assuming the code is attempting to execute before the class is added) – d.rice Jan 9 '12 at 1:46
Yes, something like $("foo").click(function() { $(this).addClass("bar"); }); Then you can target that in your styles .bar { /* Styles */ } Should be good :} – Christopher Marshall Jan 9 '12 at 1:46
.toggleClass(); will also work depending on your event. – Christopher Marshall Jan 9 '12 at 1:46

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