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I know sencha io has sync / data. I'm wondering what a competing service for jquery might be. Any ideas?

The notion of easily authenticating and storing user based data seems appealing to me, as a designer and front end dev that doesn't have the time to work back end too.

I thought mongolab might work, but I haven't found any good tuts.

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Have you tried couchdb? If you do a search for them plus jquery their are some good tutorials that should help you out.

Some good stuff to find like:

App Harbor


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How about Ragic?

  1. You create the database on it like creating a spreadsheet form.
  2. You use the web-based spreadsheet form for internal data management.
  3. All forms created has an HTTP API which returns JSON and you can create/update entries with it.
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Apitite is another one.

You just connect your database and define endpoints directly with your web browser. You can return JSON from your endpoints making it easily consumable with jQuery.

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