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I'm helping build an iOS app and part of is it generating chat rooms for venues — say a bar — on the fly. I'm doing backend stuff, and associate is building the iOS part. He insists on using XMPP/Jabber, which I thought was a great idea until I actually started trying to build it.

I've got ejabberd installed, but beyond that I'm totally lost. What do I need to change/install/setup so that he could join a multi-user chat room? These rooms have to appear and disappear on the fly. Since they're based off a venue's Foursquare ID and there's virtually endless possibilities, and we can't pre-register them all.

Any leads here? Thanks!

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As a default, chatroom in ejabberd are dynamic and are created when the users join. It is destroy when the last user leaves as a default. You should be able to experiment with it directly with the default configuration.


  • First user joining is the admin of the room and can controls its setting and make it persistent.
  • For this reason, if you do not control the client in your project, you might want to change the behavior of the MUC module itself to tweak it to your business needs.
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