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my Flex project has grown to over 1 Mb in size in release mode and now I am trying to cut it up into modules.

One of my SWC libraries is fairly large and I want to use it in multiple modules, so I think I can turn it into a RSL? how can I go about turning the SWC library into a RSL? I am building with Flash Builder (Flex).

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Can you clarify how you're building your release build for the project? (ant, maven, Flash builder Export Release Builder, etc), as that changes the answer – Marty Pitt Jan 9 '12 at 3:42

You can pass the following parameters to mxmlc compiler:

-runtime-shared-library-path=path/to/your_lib.swc,http://lib-url/your_lib.swf -verify-digests=false

Pay attention, that for linkage you should use SWC, but rsl you're going to load, should be an SWF (not SWC). To get SWF from SWC: open *.swc file with archiver (e.g. WinRAR) and extract *.swf from it.

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