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Edit distance finds the number of insertion, deletion or substitutions required to one string to another. I want to to also include swaps in this algorithm. For example "apple" and "appel" should give a edit distance of 1.

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See the algorithm here.


You can give different costs for swap, add, deletions.

m[i,j] = min(m[i-1,j-1]
         + if s1[i]=s2[j] then 0 else cost_swap fi,
         m[i-1, j] + cost_insert,
         m[i, j-1] + cost_delete ),  i=1..|s1|, j=1..|s2|
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What you have answered is substitution not swaps. In my example given above in the second string swapping "el" gives "le" and thus matches the first string –  Raja Roy Jan 9 '12 at 3:49

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